New Display Technology for iPad 3

Apple is reportedly gearing up to switch to a new display technology for the launch of its infinitely-hyped iPad 3. According to a report from Digitimes, the iPad 3 will use IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panels to display the HD graphics so many people have been talking about. The panels will be provided by Sharp, which has apparently been scaling back some of its large-screen production resources to make room for a high volume of small, tablet-sized displays. It is widely assumed that one of Apple’s biggest talking points for the iPad 3 will be its display, with some analysts saying it could be the most advanced and sophisticated mobile display ever used for a commercial device.

The display will be so powerful that some reports have suggested the iPad 3 may even be slightly thicker than the iPad 2, due to the extra capacity needed to support a backlighting system for the display.