Apple Could Not Oust Samsung from US Market of Tables and Phones

A long lasting intense between Apple and Samsung got legal results. Apple has lost the bid to block Samsung Galaxy tablet and phones import to the US. US District Court Judge has rejected the claim from Apple late on last Friday, November 2. Having a competition for years that resulted in more than 80 juridical claims, Apple has now claimed South Korean manufacturers of Samsung that the new Samsung Galaxy tablet design pretty much looks like the IPhone. Actually, this was the main topic for Apple’s past claims as well – the issue of using Apple’s design by Samsung and infringement of the legitimacy. However, the Judge has ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy S 4G, Infuse 4G, Droid Charge, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices will not be blocked on the US market,  which would not harm Apple enough to justify the injunction. 

Judge has stated that such an injunction would likely benefit other gadget makers at Samsung‘s expense. As Samsung has commented, the Friday ruling confirms that Apple’s arguments have lack of merit. The judge’s ruling means that the claim will surely continue and Apple still has chances to win the lawsuit, but in the meantime you would be able to obtain your favorite Samsung gadgets in the US market. While Apple has not yet published any official statement about the Friday’s ruling, Samsung has already distributed a 65 page ruling which can be found on the official website of Samsung.