Apple Wins Case and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned in Europe

Apple has won an EU-wide preliminary injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet. A similar ban on another device, Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 – was introduced in August 2011. 
First, the ban throughout the EU to function, and then was limited to Germany. In 2011, Samsung was able to circumvent the ban by releasing an updated version of the device. It is called the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Apple tried to find a violation in this unit, but the court disagreed with the company. The subject of disagreement between Samsung and Apple is the shape of devices. Tim Cook’s  Company  says that the South Korean manufacturer borrows her decorating decisions and apply them in their products. The dispute started in April 2011 in the courts of several countries. Tablet Galaxy Tab 7.7 was announced in September  2011. Externally it is a flat device with rounded corners in the case of plastic. Weighing in at 335 grams Galaxy Tab 7.7 is considered one of the lightest Tablet Samsung.