Artificial Brain From the Material of DVD- discs

Scientists from the U.S. and UK believed that they have discovered a material that can simulate the action of neurons in the human brain. This material is long known and used by mankind in large quantities and to model the behavior of the brain it will require little power. This is the same material that is used for recording on digital DVD-discs. It could be used to create a processor with low power consumption, with properties similar to the human    brain  and  with   the   ability   to   self  learning without the need for extensive previous programming. This material is GST (germanium, antimony, tellurium). Alloys on the similarity of GST may be in different phases of the crystal ordered structure to a chaotic, amorphous structure.

Their status depends on various external factors such as temperature or charge. GST is good electronic analog material for the development of the piece of intelligence.