Artificial hands i-Limb

Artificial hands of i-Limb controlled via iPhone

Artificial hands of i-Limb of production Touch Bionics submit not only to signals of muscles of the person, but also orders from the iPhone. Through a mobile application the user can force the artificial limb to accept one of 24 positions. The latest technologies allow to straighten, for example, a forefinger, to shift big and index fingers or to relax a hand. Signals from the appendix are given on an i-Limb hand through Bluetooth. Developers tried to achieve realness of a hand therefore began to let out it in 2 sizes – man’s and female and in several options of registration of skin of a biohand. Aluminum framework reduces the weight of an artificial limb and gives opportunity to receive load of a hand to 90 kg. Essence control of work of a inartificial limb, that developers in the new artificial hands i-LIMB Pulse model gave the chance to the person most to adjust a hand artificial limb through Bluetooth and the computer BioSim programs: to adjust effort and an operation threshold, to choose opportunities and standard captures, to include or switch off pulsing effect. Generally, now the person can precisely arrange a hand an artificial limb under actions and physiological features of the organism. Developers didn’t forget about the requirements – the software allows to watch in real time bioelectric impulses of an artificial limb of the person. And also to collect statistics of work of an artificial limb. And it in turn will allow developers to improve an artificial hands i-LIMB and computer programs.