AstroDrone iPhone App

AstroDrone – new iPhone app from The European Space Agency

The European Space Agency (ESA), issued a new free app for iPhone.

By this program the iPhone turned into the “home drone” controller of spacecraft. The users of Parrot Ar.Drone quadcopter, can use additional reality methods, to make the attempt dockings with a simulated International Space Station (ISS) for real. Also the app helps to improve more robotic methods in the game. This app named AstroDrone, is a part of the European Space Agency (ESA)‘s new scientific project, which will teach the robots to navigate environments. The new app will help the scientists to test the crowdsource process in practice. For the result the the European Space Agency (ESA) wants to have more autonomous spacecraft, which can reliably maneuver.

This development will help the European Space Agency (ESA), to involve public in scientific experiments, which will help the ESA to have real-life data for their algorithms training. The new app is both for the iPhone and other iOS devices. By one word, this is a robot, which people have at home, with which the people play games, using the capabilities for the people’s imaginations. People, who uses the AstroDrone app, can place the reality marker on a real object or feature, for representing the ISS docking port. This placing has rapid speed, but the speed of manner, which is correcting the orientation for final approach, is low. There is no code in the drone, so anyone can develop the software.