Asus fonepad

ASUS FONEPAD an innovative Device from ASUS

In World Mobile Congress which was at February 25 in Bareslona, Asus announced an innovative Device Asus Fonepad. This is  7 inch tablet with 3G voice and all features of smartphone. Asus Fonepad equipped Intel® Atom™ Z2420 processor with Android 4.1, this fact gives wide viewing and clarity to HD display. The combination of 3G mobile with the telephony support, brings the perfect result of a tablet and phone in one device. Continuing the collaboration of Intel with Asus by producing the Z2420 processor, the company gives to users the power, flexibility, and range of performance, by one word- innovative device – Asus FonepadAsus Fonepad is a perfect device for people, who prefer voice communications and the features of smartphone, the opportunities of tablet, but only in one device. This device is very compact and comfortable for hand, has a metallic design, 10.4 mm profile and 340 gr. weight. The features are- Full HD, approximately nine hours battery life, multi-touch screen, 178 color viewing degree. Asus Fonepad has 8GB and 16GB storage, and a SD card up to 32GB additional storage.

ASUS Fonepad
ASUS Fonepad

The device has 1.2 megapixel front camera and 3 megapixel back camera for video recording. Asus Fonepad and its accessories will be in the market from the March of this year. Price will be approximetly €219 for 8GB Fonepad and 3 megapixel camera.

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