Samsung Galaxy S4

At last Samsung Galaxy S4 unveiled in New York

On Thursday, on official action, which took place in New York,

the Samsung corporation presented its latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4. In comparison with the previous model — Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 received almost an ideal design and dimensions.  Samsung Calaxy S4 is one of the thinnest smartphones in the market (0,7mm). The weight of the fourth version of the popular smartphone decreased and makes 130 g (Galaxy S3 — 133 g).

For making this model, company used the same glossy plastic material, as in the model Galaxy S3. The back side of Galaxy S4 has the pseudo-metal covering. The design of back side is the same as in Galaxy S3, but it is made from very thin plastic. From the point of hardware, Galaxy S4 received much more considerable changes. It has eight-nuclear Exynos 5410 processor with 1,8 GHz frequency. This device is combined with two processors. One of two processors is calculated on work in a mode of high efficiency, the other — for performance of simple background tasks and is consumed by six times less energy, than his senior colleague.

The memory makes 16 Gb, also available microSD slot for expansion the memory.

The diagonal of the Galaxy S4 display makes 4,99 inches that on 0,2” is more, than at model of the previous generation. The screen is executed on the Super AMOLED technology and got permission of Full HD (density of pixels — 441 ppi).

Updating concerned also the camera — resolution of the main camera grew to 13, and frontal to 2 megapixels.

With Smart Scroll system, the smartphone will be able to watch in what part of the screen the user looks and automatically to scroll the text when the look reaches the page end. Speed of reaction to movements of eyes and speed of scrolling of the text can be adjusted.

Capacity of the battery makes 2600 mAh.

The latest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available, since the end of April, in 155 countries, at 327 mobile operators.