Audman Lays Claim to Delivering World Smallest Speaker Dock

Audman lays claim to delivering the world smallest speaker dock that will come complete with battery charging capabilities, in addition to the super cool retro styling that will clearly place it a cut above the rest. The Audman team hopes to create a fun and distinct brand through the cassette player design elements and integrated mixtape creation application. The Audman is available for pre-order on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. The team needs to raise $42,000 by midnight on New Year’s Eve in order to begin production. One of the main appeals apart from the battery and speaker capabilities is the minimal size, much smaller than one would expect from an accessory packed with the electronics of a much larger dock connector.

The Audman also extends the interface of the iPod and iPhone through functioning analog style pushbuttons and volume wheel-retro design elements that are quite useful for the audio experience the Audman is aiming for. The Audman is an innovative and modern speaker dock and battery charger for the iPod and iPhone with interesting retro twist.