Batmobile Designed by Gordon Murray

Gordon Murray, designer of the famous sports car race for the outstanding “Formula 1”, in particular the car McLaren F1, pleased with his new concept Batmobile. The body of the vehicle for Batman in a dark color is made from very durable, but lightweight material – carbon. Batmobile is equipped with LED headlights. When creating its innovative concept, the designer tried to use those materials that are used for the construction of Formula 1 racing cars. Interestingly, the use of carbon fiber in the construction of a car designer obsnyaet not only its unique characteristics (maximum lightness at maximum strength), but the fact that, in his opinion, this is the only material that breathes like a living creature.

The designer of this luxury car futuristic confident that he could well be the car of the future and cut the road, shining in the night their lighted wheels, creating the effect of virtuality. Stylish car with aerodynamic shapes and fluid lines has already attracted massive public interest.Batmobile is equipped with eco friendly hydrogen motor and lithium-ion battery.