Bodymetrics Have Come up With World First Retail Full 3D Body Scanner

Bodymetrics have come up with the world’s first retail full 3D body scanner a machine that makes use of eight PrimeSense 3D sensors to map the measurements and shape of a person’s body. Users can then store their shape and measurements online, which means that it can be easily accessed by retailers all over the world. The Bodymetrics body scanner recently made its debut at New Look, a global clothing retailer, at their newest location in the Westfield Stratford shopping complex. The scanner will help shoppers find the best fitting jeans. It quickly and accurately calculates 100 measurements which are then analysed to find garments that best suit the customer’s unique shape and size. 

According to Bodymetrics earlier generations of body scanners have been expensive and too complex for most clothing retailers but its version will not only be cheaper but can be installed at a retail location within a few hours.