BOINC Android application

BOINC Android application will help the scientific researches

The BOINC Android application for Android phones and tablets, developed by researchers of the Californian University in Berkeley, allows each user to take part in important scientific researches. It is possible to download it in Google Play shop. With help of the new appendix not used computing capacities of the Android phone are involved for mathematical calculations of various projects for which existence of supercomputers usually is required. For example, thus it is possible to promote scientific researches or studying of diseases, processes of global warming, opening of new stars. BOINC Android applicationThe appendix works only when the Android phone is connected to the power supply network and is loaded, and after the battery will be charged more than for 95%. Besides, it will interact with computing projects on the Internet only at connection through Wi-Fi not to spend a paid traffic. At desire, the user can disconnect these settings. BOINC Android application support such popular computing projects as Einstein@Home (search of stars) and FightAIDS@Home (search of effective remedies for AIDS treatment). The appendix is free; its development is financed by Max Planck’s Institute, the Google Company and National scientific fund. Also support was given by the IBM Company. The BOINC Android application appappendix is intended for devices on the basis of version 2.3 Android OS above. In the future it is planned to issue the version of the program for owners of iPhone and iPad.

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