Boston Dynamics BigDog Robot

Boston Dynamics created BigDog Robot

The Boston Dynamics engineering company with funding of Defense Department’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, created a robotic dog named BigDog. These robot dogs can help researchers by learning new tricks.   BigDog robot can climb, run, slop about 35 degrees, walk through Boston Dynamics BigDog robotwater, snow and rubble. BigDog robot can run approximately 12,8 miles without stop and refueling. BigDog robot also can carry 340 -lb cargo. It is very pretty moment to see the BigDog robot in action. The engine drives a hydraulic system and its legs work like an animal’s legs. Though the Boston Dynamic company has successfully experimented the Big Dog, but it is operated with the human guiding, but the next version of robot dog, will have the computer vision, which make the robot more autonomous.