Full color 3D printer

BotObjects presented the first full-color 3D printers

The manufacturing company of the software of BotObjects presented to the world the first full-  color desktop the 3D printer.The BotObjects company created not simply the first the 3D ProDesk3D printer with full of color, but thanks to the anodized aluminum case, undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful. The purpose of the company was to think of how full of color 3D printers can look in 5 years to draw a line between ProDesk3D and its “contemporaries”. For the color printing, it uses system of the cartridges filled with polystyrene latex, capable to mix five basic flowers. As botObjects describes itself as the company according to the software and understands all problems connected with its installation, ProDesk3D works “directly from a box”: simply connect it to a network, it will be established automatically. The printer is added with function of the threefold fan, which provides an air stream in the first full-color 3D printerclosed case. ProDesk3D is capable to print 3D subjects, thickness up to 25 microns. The area of the press makes 275x275x300mm. The price and exit date in sale aren’t declared yet, though, according to Nanowerk reports, the price probably will be same, as well as on other desktop full of color 3D printers, and that botObjects will start accepting orders already in June.