Flexible Bracelet E-Ink From Queen's University Human Media Lab

Flexible E-Ink Bracelet From Human Media Lab

A group of researchers Queen’s University Human Media Lab managed to invent a device called Snaplet, which is a wearable bracelet E-Ink.Combining the flexibility and functionality, this invention may be called the “paper computer “. It is equipped with numerous sensors that are used for shape recognition screen. Thus, when a user wears around the wrist display, sensors allow the person using the device as a clock and media player.

Paperphone is one of the applications for flexible display E-Ink, which may be developed in the near future. Due to the ultra-slim and lightweight flexible display E-Ink, smartphone boasts numerous features that allow the user to read books, listen to music and make phone calls.According to Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab, in the near future, every device will look similar to this that will allow the user to adjust the desired shape.