Canadian Researchers Plain to Build Life Like Robot

Team of researchers at the University of Ottawa are developing a robot that mimics the human face’s expressions and human hand’s tactile processes, which they say will be useful in areas like nursing, nuclear plant maintenance, and explosive device disposal. It could even act as a companion. Dubbed “Pumpkin,” the robot will apparently have its parts replaced piece-by-piece with more life-like counterparts over time, including parts that make use of a new artificial skin the researchers have developed. It not only includes the usual array of sensors that give the robot some degree of tactile sensitivity, but a network of tubes that circulate hot water to actually increase the temperature of the skin. According to the researchers, the eventual goal is to have a robot that appears and behaves naturally enough to make humans feel at ease when they’re interacting with it. Eventually, the researchers will replace its head with an anatomically correct human skull covered with the same skin and a spring-loaded jaw to replicate the motion of talking.