Canon Now Has Five New Upcoming Cameras Registered Online

Canon Now Has Five New Upcoming Cameras Registered Online

According to the one of the Japanese websites Canon is going to release 5 new cameras online. There is no clear the specs, but it is supposed that new cameras will be DSLRs, with the other three being new mirrorless models. There was only one new camera registered three weeks ago (two of the new cameras are DSLRs and three are mirrorless).

It is indicated that the K436 will use the same battery as the EOS 77D, which leads us to speculate that we could see a replacement for the EOS 80D, which was launched back in February 2016.

“The K437, meanwhile, uses the same battery as the EOS 5D Mark IV, and while that camera is less than two years old it’s been overshadowed since it launched by the brilliant Nikon D850 and Sony Alpha A7R III – so we think this means we could see a replacement for Canon’s top-flight full-frame DSLR .It could, perhaps, be the EOS 5D X, featuring the new and improved 50MP sensor that we’ve seen in the EOS 5DS, but with a much improved ISO performance, while the camera could build on the impressive all-round performance of the EOS 5D Mark IV. This would consolidate Canon’s two high-end DSLRs into a single, multi-purpose camera that offers a high pixel count and high performance to rival the D850 and Alpha A7R III” mentions

Here you may see summarizing details;

  1. The Canon K436 and K437 will be new DSLR cameras while the K424, K433 and EC811 will be mirrorless
  2. K433, K436, K437 and EC 811 will all have Bluetooth remote control function
  3. The battery of the K436 is the same as the Canon EOS 77D
  4. The battery of the K437 is the same as Canon EOS 5D Mark IV