Car that Runs on Compressed Air

Toyota Ku Rin is an ecological car runs on compressed air. During the test drive, which was organized on September 9 by Japan Automobile Research Institute, Toyota three-wheeler car showed excellent speed 129.2 km/h, which is quite good for a car that travels only on compressed air. This car may even encroach on the entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest car, driven by compressed air. Length of Toyota Ku Rin is 3.5 meters and width is only 0.8 meters. The car was built by a team of engineers, consisting of 40 persons. Car Title translates quite simply: Ku – air, Rin – the wheel. The car is 100% ecological with zero emissions of air pollutants. In addition, these cars save energy and various types of fuel.

Anything except air for movement of this car isn’t necessary. The problem of the car remains its low range of mileage. On a single charge, it may take only 3.2 kilometers, which, naturally, wouldn’t allow him to break into the global market of cars. But company believes that in future will be able to solve this problems and improve some of the technical performance vehicles running on compressed air.