195 Gigapixel Photo

Chinese Company Took 195 Gigapixel Photo of Shanghai

Chinese company called Jingkun Technology or Big Pixel Studio has taken a new 195 gigapixel photo that when zooming, it is impossible to see people’s faces from miles away. A high-resolution image is from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. The company claims that the image is 2,000 times more precise than images taken with an ordinary camera. The photo by Big Pixel is also considered as the world’s third-biggest photo and Asia’s largest.

According to the company, the picture is very, very big and more than 8 million people have explored it.

The resolution of digital cameras and smartphones are often measured in megapixels, or 1 million pixels — a 12-megapixel camera, for example, can produce images with 12 million total pixels. But in this case we’re talking about gigapixels, or 1 billion pixels.

As mentions www.businessinsider.com “BigPixel says this is its first panorama with hundreds of billions of pixels. The result is an unearthly, uncanny, unsettling ability to zoom in so close to the oblivious person on the street that you can literally see their facial expression — making the technology’s potential for covert surveillance quite obvious”.

So, just how large is the image? It’s large enough that the numbers are actually hard to hold. Consider your average smartphone camera, which is around 12 megapixels, give or take a few depending on what flagship model you own. It takes some pretty sharp photos. So, this image of Shanghai is 195 gigapixels. One megapixel equals one million pixels, while a gigapixel equals one billion pixels. And in this case we are dealing with the 195 gigapixel photo not just a pixel.

195 Gigapixel Photo of Shanghai
A high-resolution image is from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai.

Source: Text; bgr.com, www.businessinsider.com

Image Credit; bgr.com, www.businessinsider.com