Clever eye contact lenses

Clever eye contact lenses or the Minicomputer in an eye

While the Google Company prepares for release the wearable Glass minicomputer in the form of points, South Korean scientists went further and built in the similar device in a usual eye contact lensesEye contact lenses with electronic elements were already created. For example, there are products for continuous monitoring of intraocular pressure at patients with glaucoma. However in such lenses are applied the materials, which aren’t possessing transparency and sufficient flexibility. New height in this area is taken by specialists of National scientific institute of technology Ulsan (UNIST), conducting researches together with Samsung and some other the organizations. For ensuring flexibility and transparency the creators used the special nanotechnological material. The matter is that transparent elements in modern electronic devices are usually made with application of oxide of tin. But this material is too fragile, and therefore isn’t suitable for flexible eye contact lenses. Use of structure in which silver nanoconductors are laid between decanter layers became the decision. Such structure possesses necessary elasticity, low resistance (33 Ohms / a square) and the high size of a transmission of visible light (to 94%). Having taken a usual soft contact lens, researchers combined it with the received material and integrated a light-emitting diode. Though while it is impossible to call a product the display (it has only one pixel), the direct road to development of the mini-screens covering directly a cornea of an eye from here seems. The created lens was tested on the rabbits, which size of an eye is comparable to the human. After five hours of carrying it wasn’t revealed neither excessive reddening, nor other side effects. The ultimate goal is to allocate a clever lens with Google Glass computer opportunities. Though, it is clear that before emergence of such product still very far.