infrared camera

Colored Infrared Camera

Researchers from Nanosystem Research Division of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) could come up with new technology that uses colored infrared camera to produce color images in total darkness. However, it is worth noting that the resulting images do not have exact shades.

In the future, researchers are looking forward to improving the camera that can take pictures with more accurate colors, and even shoot video that looks as if it was dismantled during the day.It is worth noting that the camera uses a highly sensitive infrared photography. The latter scans the environment in order to obtain a digital layout. After producing a digital image, the camera generates different algorithms that scan the wavelength at a time when the next object is illuminated by infrared light.The next step is to improve and enrich the camera images, more vivid colors.Researchers say that the camera can be used in various ways, including tracking anduse in the wild.Currently the team is working on in order to make the camera more compact and durable. In addition, scientists are developing a new lens, which enables to captureimages from a distance.It was noted that the commercial version of the device is expected to go on sale at the end of 2011.