New Concept LiquidKeyboard

Christian Sax and Hannes Lau of the University of Technology in Sydney desingned new concept, that called LiquidKeyboard. They unveiled its new prototype on August 23rd at the Tech23 conference in Sydney. LiquidKeyboard is a concept, with the help of which when the user rests their fingers on the touch screen, it will then attempt to determine the position of the fingers and relative pressure, after which it will then form keys around each individual finger. The system senses the positions of the fingers and, by calculating the surface area of a finger touching the screen, its relative pressure. The positions of the surrounding keys are set in relation to each finger. The position of the groups of keys can be varied according to finger positions and a user’s preferences. 

The system allows a typist to find keys and to touch type without tactile feedback. For more information watch video bellow.