Robotic Challenge is the latest entrant of DARPA CHALLENGE $2M program.

This is four-limbed robot, which has strength as human, and can climb ladders or use tools. The CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform (CHIMP) uses tracks on the limbs. These tracks help the triple-fingered manipulators to climb the ladders, turn a wheel or remove debris. The robotics engineers, which built the CHIMP think, that in pinch the robot can do anything.The robot is controlling by the people, and provides self protection behavior. This allows the CHIMP to be associated with a robot of fully autonomous.For $2m prize of DARPA CHALLENGE, the participants have to operate the robot without a power, enter and clear a rubble-strewn area, climb ladders, operate valves and use tools. The CHIMP has power for balance, navigation, and can be operates standing on two limbs, and the other two limbs leaves for cleaning the rubble and operating tools. This fact takes more power from the CHIMP balance, which cuts down the run time of robot. The design of robots will check the group of Robotics Challenge entrants. The first round of the tests will be in June, and competition of finished robots will be in December of this year. If no one wins in the DARPA CHALLENGE competition, will be announced a second round, which will be in December 2014.



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