ATLAS humanoid robot

DARPA challenge unveiled the complete version ATLAS humanoid robot

The American agency of perspective research defensive projects (DARPA challenge) continues development of biped humanoid robots. Earlier the public already got acquainted with Petman, joint development of DARPA challenge and Boston Dynamics. Later there was Pet-Proto, one of prototypes of the robot which carries the name ATLAS.
Pet-Proto was presented last year and intended for demonstration of opportunities of the biped robot. It could overcome independently obstacles, making the decision on a way choice, to jump and clamber, maintains its balance even when hit with a 20 lb ball.
It holds balance and remains standing after a side-winder a heavy ball. The humanoid robot quietly goes on a racetrack and overcomes obstacles.
Robot height — 187 cm, weight — 150 kg, width of shoulders — 76 cm, in the head is located the whole set of sensors and sensors. The number of hydraulic joints is 28 pieces. Its vestibular mechanism is surprising and delights.

ATLAS humanoid robot
ATLAS humanoid robot

The humanoid robot has some impressive characteristics:
The on-board computer for management in real time,
Hydraulic pump and management of a temperature mode,
28 hydraulic drives of joints,
The sensor with LIDAR and a stereo vision from Carnegie Robotics,
Two captures, one is developed by iRobot and one in Sandia National Labs.
ATLAS humanoid robot works under control of GNU/Linux and ROS.
At this moment the robot will prepare for the competitions Virtual Robotics Challenge under the auspices of DAPRA challenge. The robots will have to carry out tasks similar to actions of rescuers people in the conditions of accidents.