The first robot bartender

Debut of the first robot bartender

Robots bartenders are not novelty, but attitudes towards them a little cool. To awaken to them interest, researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in cooperation with Coca-Cola and Bacardi Rum developed Makr Shakr. Makr Shakr is the robot specializing on mixing of drinks, which debuted at annual conference of the Google developers in San Francisco as the first-ever controlled robot bartender. It uses three hands and programmable system of mixing. Working “hand in hand”, they do drinks and distribute them with help of a set of conveyer belts. The user orders drinks by the appendix in the smartphone, but it not simply choice from in advance defined list. The robot bartender uses the Coca-Cola Freestyle technology for mixing of drinks, which can create more than hundred various mixes. Using the appendix, users can order the alcoholic and soft drinks complete with suitable ornament, which will mix up by means of standard shakers with use of specially developed manipulators.

The number of combinations of drinks almost is infinitely. The appendix also allows users to exchange recipes and photos on various social networks. The robot bartender is a fine example of how digital technologies change interaction between people and production. The system investigates new dynamics of social creativity and consumption, allowing users to create own cocktails while the digital control by cars turns these projects into reality. Digital connection doesn’t replace physical interaction, and strengthens it.