Now You Can Delete Facebook Massage Up to 10 Minutes

Now You Can Delete Facebook Message Up to 10 Minutes

Finally, we have good news from Facebook. Now you have an opportunity to delete Facebook message up to 10 minutes after sending.

“Today Facebook Messenger globally rolls out “Remove for everyone” to help you pull back typos, poor choices, embarrassing thoughts, or any other message”, announces

How the new feature works?

When you send mistakenly a message and want to delete you can tap on it and you will find the delete button “Remove for everyone” option that pulls the message from recipients’ inboxes.

They’ll see an alert that you removed a message in its place, and can still flag the message to Facebook who’ll retain the content briefly to see if its reported. This is really wonderful news for Facebook users as you know we always face that situation when mistakenly send inappropriate message to the other person.

“The company abused its power by altering the history of Zuckerberg’s Facebook’s messages in a way that email or other communication mediums wouldn’t allow. Yet Facebook refused to say if it will now resume removing executives’ messages from recipients even long after they’re delivered after telling TechCrunch in April that “until this feature is ready, we will no longer be deleting any executives’ messages,” informed TechCrunch.

One day, Facebook changed its tune and announced it’d build an unsend button for everyone, indicating this statement:

“We have discussed this feature several times . . . We will now be making a broader delete message feature available. This may take some time. And until this feature is ready, we will no longer be deleting any executives’ messages. We should have done this sooner — and we’re sorry that we did not.”

Here you can see the picture below how to delete Facebook message!

how to Delete Facebook Message
how to Delete Facebook Message

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