E-One Robot by EOS Innovation

EOS Innovation that hails from France has come up with the E-One remote monitoring robot that is currently in the experimental stage, but is intended to patrol on its own and alert its owner if it detects anything unusual. The robot may also serve the elderly and disabled in the future, and could function as a telepresence robot. Although it looks somewhat similar to NEC’s PaPeRo, its face displays video. At 60cm tall, the E-One is 8-10kg (22 lbs) and a decent battery life of four hours. It comes equipped with two high-resolution cameras, one of which has a fish-eye lens, as well as a mobile (pico) projector. It has two speakers and two omnidirectional microphones, and can communicate over Wi-Fi and USB. For obstacle detection, the robot uses eight ultrasonic sensors and four infrared sensors.


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