Electric Car

Edison2 Presents Electric Version of Very Light Car

Edison2 combines sound physics with innovative design to produce workable and sustainable transportation solutions. Now Edison2 has revealed an electric version of the X-Prize winning Very Light Car. The Very Light Car is the most efficient auto platform ever built, it draws on endurance auto racing for safety and also is environmentally responsible. Called the eVLC, new electric concept packs a 10-kWh battery pack, is “supremely aerodynamic” and carries not one, not two, but four passengers in relative comfort. According to Edison2 the eVLC concept is far more efficient than a Nissan Leaf and, even though it has not yet undergone official EPA testing, the firm figures the eVLC has the makings to become the highest MPGe-rated vehicle ever. 

After the team won the X-Prize they hinted at developing similar vehicles that use “other power sources”. In eVLC, Edison 2 sees the inevitable future of the automobile.