NASA Engineer Creates The Largest Water Gun Ever

NASA Engineer Creates The Largest Water Gun Ever

If you have ever dreamt to have water pistol for fun, then this largest water gun is not a joke. NASA engineer Mark Rober has developed the largest water gun of the world ever.  Rober’s 7-foot-long (2.1 meters) Super Gun can blast out water at 272 mph (437 km/h), according to his YouTube video, posted July 11.

We would like to mention that in Armenia there is a festival that is called “Vardavar”. If you appear in Armenia, then you should absolutely need water gun, but such large one we don’t even imagine.

“When the Super Soaker was first invented, it was an absolute game changer in my neighborhood,” Rober said in the video. “So now that I’m a dad and I know how to engineer, I decided to once again level up my water-fighting capabilities.”

Any engineer can make a huge water pistol, but Rober — who spent nine years at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), seven of which were spent working on the Mars rover Curiosity — went above and beyond by doing his water weapon homework.

“I was experimenting in the bathroom in the evenings,” Johnson said in Rober’s video. “I had made these nozzles that I had hooked up to the sink, and as I shot this stream of water across the bathroom, and I saw how powerful it was and how satisfying it was, I thought to myself, ‘High pressure, high-performance water gun — really cool.'”

The largest water gun took six months to make. It’s not the only toy Rober has supersized. In 2016, he and his friends built the world’s largest functional Nerf gun, according to Guinness World Records. The darts, made of pool noodles and toilet plunger suction cups, can exit the gun at about 40 mph (64 km/h), Rober said.

Watch the video how Mark Rober braking the glass with his super largest water gun.