European Space Agency Robot

New development of the European Space Agency (ESA) became anthropomorphous robot, called Justin. As planned, in 2-3 years when the work is completed, it will be able to participate in space programs for the exploration of the Moon, and planets in the Solar System. Have to say that the main goal, of course, is Mars. The basic work on the robot fell on the shoulders of scientists from the Aviation and Space Center in Germany (DLR).The main obstacle to the study of other planets is ionizing radiation that can adversely affect the health of astronauts.

To control the movement and manipulation of the robot, people will use a special metal frame fitted with electronic sensors. They can use the robot as a tool equipped with two “hands”, each   of which  has four “fingers.” In this case it will be possible to control the force with which the robot will be able to produce work. Robot can move with four wheels, fitted with a good navigation system, video cameras and sensors.