Windows 8 Blue screen

Existence of Windows Blue screen was confirmed officially

Microsoft confirmed Windows Blue screen existence — large updating for the Windows 8 operating system, about which earlier arrived information from informal sources. About updating told Tami Reller in the official blog of Windows. By the experts of Windows, the updating leaves in 2013 and that Blue screen is its code name. Blue becomes continuation of Windows 8, but will contain also innovations. First, with an exit of updating the list of devices for “eight” will extend and there will be devices of “new form factors”. Secondly, in Blue there will be the functions added at requests of users of Windows 8. About which functions there is a speech, it isn’t specified yet. Microsoft will issue the “small”, seven-inch version of a tablet of Surface on the basis of Blue, and will finish the Windows interface, having given it look more habitual for users. In particular, one of early assemblies Blue screen, which has got to the Internet, gave a reason to assume that the company will return the Start-up button, which isn’t present in Windows 8 to OS, and will allow users to pass when loading system the starting screen with “live tiles”. Windows 8 left in October, 2012. Today Microsoft realized hundred million copies of OS. Previous “operational”, Windows 7, for the similar period dispersed approximately the same circulation. However according to the Net Applications service, the “eight” share in the market makes only 3,8 percent, while Windows 7 for the first half a year drew 12 interest.