Face recognition software based on google maps

Face recognition software based on Google Maps

A team programmers from Creative Applications Network created a program, for crawl Google Maps using the face recognition software. The form of pattern recognition is called Pareidolia. It is a good way which the people use to see the face, where there are shadows or collection of shapes. Using the OpenFramworks, the design studio Onformative created an application, which crawl Google Maps. This application is using algorithms of face recognition. By the transferring data back to the standalone the software uses a virtual browser for searching Google Maps. Also the application uses ofxBerkelium for capturing and storage the images of found faces, Face recognition software based on google mapsFace recognition software based on google mapscommunicating via JavaScript. After the crawling from all the available images the application jumps to the next level and starts everything again. The face recognition software has been around the world a few times, and the ground zooms in farther. By the words of the leader of project, while it is traveling the world it continuously zooms into the earth. Some detected images aren’t usable, because they are not able to recognize any pattern within the detected images.