Panasonic Releases the First 8K Camera with an Organic Sensor

Panasonic Releases the First 8K Camera with an Organic Sensor

Panasonic is going to unveil the first 8K camera with an organic sensor. This is really fantastic news from Panasonic. The AK-SHB 810 is planned to launch the next Autumn.

According to they realized global shutter function. The technology that simultaneously achieves these performances is the industry’s first.

The camera’s sensor, as mentioned on their official website is the first-ever 8K organic sensor, which replaces the photodiode of a traditional sensor with two different components. The new technology will have a “wide dynamic range” compared to regular CMOS cameras, and packs a global shutter that records the whole image at once, removing so-called “jello” or rolling shutter.

Panasonic claims that even in high contrast scenes, the camera can take photos at 8K resolution; for example, a field under strong sunlight and shaded spectator seats under a stadium roof. It is also expected that 8K camera can capture moving objects instantaneously without distortion with the help of the global shutter function that enables simultaneous image capture by all pixels.

[performing multi-view synchronized imaging using plural cameras, and used in fields requiring high-speed and high-resolution, such as machine vision and ITS monitoring].

So let’s call your attention introducing some advantages of the new technology

  • 8K resolution, 60fps framerate, 450k saturation electrons and global shutter function are realized simultaneously.
  • Switching between high sensitivity mode and high saturation mode is possible using gain switching function.
  • The ND filter function can be realized steplessly by controlling the voltage applied to the OPF.

According to

This Development is based on the following technologies
OPF CMOS image sensor design technology in that, the photoelectric-conversion part and the circuit part can be designed independently
In-pixel capacitive coupled noise cancellation technique which can suppress pixel reset noise at high speed even at high resolution
Voltage controlled sensitivity modulation technology that can adjust the sensitivity by changing the voltage applied to the OPF




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