Futuristic Spherical Flying Object

Fumiyuki Sato, researcher at Technical Research of Japanese Ministry of Defense and Development, developed the original device, with the name “Futuristic Spherical Flying Object.” The device is a radio-controlled black sphere with the ability to roll over the various obstacles without bumping into them, and shoot video in places affected by natural disasters. A video camera built into the device, is the core of the sphere. The resulting video instantly transmitted to humans, which controls a device. The size of a flying object about the size of a basketball. It was created with the use of lightweight carbon and styrene, so it weighs only 348 grams. The device consists of 8 propellers, 16 spoilers, and 3 gyro sensors that receive power from a lithium-ion batteries. 

The device can fly continuously for 8 minutes and reach a maximum speed of 37 mph, registering a low noise level. Because of its spherical shape, the machine can easily land on the ground in almost any position.