The Galaxy S9 will dominate this year’s Mobile World Congress

The Galaxy S9 is expected to be the biggest announcement at MWC, even though most of the details about the device have already been leaked. Samsung will host a news event on Sunday (Feb. 25), with the invitation all but confirming the S9 is the guest of honor. Samsung is teasing a “reimagined” camera in its newest flagship, which will look similar to last year’s S8 but with more a more powerful processor, more capable Bixby assistant and — in the larger S9+ — a dual-lens shooter at long last. Samsung has been teasing this as a reveal about a better camera, which is a smart play on their part,” said Avi Greengart, research director for consumer platforms and devices at Global Data. “The Galaxy S8 camera isn’t bad, but Google has the lead for mobile imaging and Samsung’s brand is tied tightly to innovation. They can’t let Google or Apple or anyone else get too far ahead of them.”

Based on reports, both the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will see upgraded primary lenses with adjustable apertures. Those aren’t drastic improvements, but they are meaningful, and the alleged leaked photo samples look pretty impressive.

“I don’t know if this camera will indeed be a leapfrog above everyone else,” said Greengart, “but if they can improve the camera while keeping everything that’s great and refined about the S8, that alone is a significant upgrade.”

An overhauled camera could come at a premium. The S9 doesn’t have an official price tag yet, but rumors suggest it will cost more than the $750 S8. The base-model S9 is expected to start at $850, the same price as the S8+, and the larger model could cost as a much as a Galaxy Note 8 at $950. Google’s Pixel 2 XL starts at $850, while the iPhone X is $999.