Mars Is Waiting for You: New game “Surviving Mars” Is Now Available

Mars Is Waiting for You: New game Surviving Mars Is Now Available

Have you ever thought about surviving on Mars? We think yes, each of us would have a dream to appear there even one day. And now, as if  Surviving Mars video game gives us an opportunity to realize our dream. Let’s see what it is about.
Surviving Mars Video Game
Surviving Mars is a simulation video game developed by Haemimont Games and published by Paradox Interactive yesterday. It is now available on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The player serves as an overseer who must build a colony on Mars and ensure the survival of the colonists. “We drew our light-hearted and optimistic viewpoint of the future from classic authors such as Clarke and Asimov, and from TV series like Star Trek: TNG” Momchil Dilov, one of the designers of Surviving Mars, said. “Post-Mariner Mars fiction, such as Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy or Andy Weir’s The Martian gave us some nice ideas what would be the first challenges the colonists would face and how their life would be on the red planet.”
Your mission in Surviving Mars is to establish a permanent population of living, work with a space agency, build infrastructure and manage resources to improve your chances of survival.
With the word of Momchil Dilov Elon Musk was a visionary who inspired not only them, but also millions of people around the globe.
“Elon Musk has shown our generation that dreams are achievable, that the future is right there, if we only reach our arms towards it. We watched the Falcon flights in awe like the rest of you and felt that Surviving Mars has become one idea closer to reality. Our culture is one of desire to have, to know, to see, to experience, but Elon Musk’s achievement is teaching us how to achieve.”