Glasses that Able to Return Vision to the Blind people

Scientists at Oxford University have developed a “Smart Glasses” that allow hundreds of blind people to distinguish objects. Glasses are equipped with miniature cameras, LEDs and Pocket PC. The cameras capture images and transmit information to a computer. Miniature device processes the data and then sends signals to the owner glasses in the form of light flashes. Using these signals, blind people can see what the object is in front of him. The package also includes headphones points. This allow to distinguish numbers of buses or find out the train schedule. The cameras read the information, which after processing is transmitted through the headphones. 

The developers of “Smart Glasses” believe that their invention will help blind people become more independent. However, glasses can’t help totally blind people, they are designed for those who are able to perceive light. It is expected that this device goes into general availability in 2014. Cost of glasses should not exceed 1,000 pounds sterling (approximately $ 1,600).

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