Quantum computer

Google and D-Wave will create artificial intelligence quantum computer

The Google announced opening of laboratory on quantum researching in the artificial intelligence. The laboratory is organized on the basis of Ames’s Research center of the American space agency NASA in California. Calculations within the project of creating an artificial intelligence will be made on the quantum computer of the Canadian D-Wave Systems. The main objective of researchers is formulated as “studying of opportunities of quantum calculations for performance of problems of machine training”.

It is supposed that researchers will take part in the project from all over the world under the direction of noncommercial University association of space researches (USRA). 20 percent of computer time will be provided to the invited scientists.

For calculations was acquired the quantum computer of the D-Wave Two model. The processor of the computer works with 512 quantum bits, which can be in two conditions at the same time. Earlier, number of scientists expressed doubts that D-Wave really works due to quantum effects and debate about its quantum proceeded at least some years.

Before the conclusion of the transaction about deliveries, the D-Wave carried out tests of the latest model of the computer. Independent examination confirmed that the quantum computer copes with tasks in 3600 times faster, than the ordinary computer.