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Google Drones Deliver Aid to Remote Areas

Google has built flying drones which will be used to deliver aid following natural disasters.  Wing Project has been running for two years as part of Google X, the company’s technology research arm that also created its self-driving car, but was only made public on Thursday. Google tested the drones in Queensland, Australia this month, flying chocolate bars, dog treats, cattle vaccines, water and radios to people. In total, 30 successful delivery flights of about 1km were made over the course of a week. Google said it had selected these items based on several conversations with local people, ranging from emergency services Google Drone Schemateams to fire crews to farmers – about how aerial delivery might help them in their jobs. The first delivery flight took off carrying Cherry Ripe chocolate bars to its planned destination about 1km away. Within minutes, the vehicle arrived, hovered overhead and gently lowered the package to the ground.

source: Google


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