Google Is Bringing Native Hearing Aid Support for Android

Google Is Bringing Native Hearing Aid Support for Android

Now Google is developing to bring native hearing aid support for Android.

According to Google announced on August 16, that it will work with “Danish hearing aid manufacturer GN Hearing to create a new hearing aid spec for Android smartphones called ASHA, or Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids”.

ASHA will allow Bluetooth hearing aids to be utilized the same way as headphones, used to call friends or listen to music.

“Users with hearing loss will be able to connect, pair, and monitor their hearing aids so they can hear their phones loudly and clearly,” noted Google’s VP of engineering, Seang Chau. “Any hearing aid manufacturer can now build native hearing aid support for Android,” he added.

The specification suggests that hearing aid manufacturers can now get to work creating hearing aids that work flawlessly on Android phones across Bluetooth low energy (LE), replete with low-latency and minimal impact on battery life. claims “nearly 500 million people globally have “disabling hearing loss,” according to the World Health Organization (WHO), a figure it expects to rise to 900 million within a few decades. So opening up native support to hearing aids also makes a great deal of sense from a business perspective, as consumers tend to buy devices that meet their needs. Up until now, many people seeking hearing support would have likely opted for an iPhone”.

“We are honoured to partner with Google for this important development, which will enable direct streaming for even more hearing aid users through their Android devices. This is another example of how GN Hearing relentlessly strives to drive innovation forward by developing new products and solutions with unique benefits for hearing aid users and audiologists around the world”, says Anders Hedegaard, CEO, GN Hearing.