Google TV dongle Chromecast

Google reduced a TV dongle Chromecast

Google presented a Chromecast TV dongle which allows to display on the TV a content from phone, tablet or laptop.
The device, which main feature is the small size (externally Chromecast reminds “flash card”), is connected to the TV via the HDMI interface and connected to the Wi-fi network.
With help of Chromecast TV dongle it is possible to bring to TV video (from stream services and with YouTube), music and movies from Google Play and other materials (for example, photos) which can be opened in the browser.

Google TV dongle Chromecast
Google TV dongle Chromecast

Control of content is exercised from the Google dongle: phone, tablet or laptop. Thus on the TV screen all contents of the screen — so aren’t displayed, it is possible to show at the same time on the TV the movie and to check mail on the smartphone.
It is possible to work with Chromecast at smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS and on computers on which the Chrome browser is installed. Google let out for the SDK developers who allow to introduce technology support in third-party programs.
The TV dongle went on sale on July 24. Google dongle costs 35 dollars. In the USA it can be bought in Google Play online store and in retail networks of electronics. Terms of the beginning of deliveries to other countries are unknown.
Google already has experience of creation of devices connected to the TV. Since 2010 the company develops the hardware-software Google TV platform, which task is to provide access to an online content from the TV.
Source: Google