Google watch

Google will release the Google video game console and digital watch on Android

Google develops the video game console and a watch. Both devices will apply the Android operating system.  Exit terms, the price and characteristics of google video game console and watches aren’t specified. Probably, Google was engaged in these projects only because of aspiration to compete with the “apple” company which develops “clever watches” and the google video game console on the basis of the Apple TV prefix. It is supposed that in the autumn of this year the Google Company will submit the new Android version under the name Lime Pie. It characteristic features will be ability to work at low-power smartphones and support of quite wide number of devices – from laptops to watches. Google, besides the google video game console and watches, creates also absolutely new generation of Nexus Q media players. In 2012 there was a player of the first generation, but was removed from sale. Not so successful debut of the device was explained by the high price. The media player cost three hundred US Google video game consoledollars. Already some companies announced consoles on the Android operating system. On Tuesday in sale arrived the prefix of Ouya which collected 8,5 million dollars on Kickstarter. The Project Shield system has to leave in July, and in August – the game GameStick console in the form of a flash card. Ouya and GameStick are distinguished by the low price – 99 and 79 US dollars. Sony and Pebble already let out watches on the Android operating system. Proceeding from informal data, except Apple, Foxconn, Samsung and some more the companies are engaged in Microsoft in development of similar devices.
source: Google