Harvard Scientists Have Creat a New Type of Soft Robot

Harvard scientists have built a new type of soft robot that is limber enough to wiggle through tight spaces. The creators of the new robot decided to use no higher animals as a model, but more primitive organisms, which have no internal skeleton such as worms, starfish, squid. The resulting structure, in their view, must be distinguished by simplicity and cheapness as compared with hard robots. Created by scientists the first sample of the soft robot is a four-legged flat design, stamped from an elastomeric plastic. Within these four sections to form a “bulkheads” that when the pressure increases make limbs to bend. By applying to a particular order compressed air in the body and each of the four legs robot, study authors have ensured that the robot is 

moving, and even crawled under the glass through a narrow slit. For more information watch video below.