Headmouse Free Virtual Mouse

Spanish specialists from the University of Leydy with Indra, the project “Available technology “, created the virtual mouse, called Headmouse.This designed for people which suffer from diseases that don’t allow them to use a traditional mouse.The program doesn’t require preliminary training. It’s suitable for any computer equipped with a webcam.Headmouse controlled by head movements and mimicry.The program is now widely distributed in South America, and little by little in China and the U.S.. While there are versions in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. They can be downloaded from the site ttp://www.tecnologiasaccesibles.com, or http://robotica.udl.cat. 

After installation on your computer, you must go through a simple setup procedure, that the system was able to “understand” how the movements and facial expressions correspond to the promotion of the cursor and “click”.