Healthcare Robot RIBA-II

The researchers at Riken and Tokai Rubber’s joint laboratory RTC, RIKEN-TRI Collaboration Center for Human-Interactive Robot Research, presented their new robot RIBA II. RIBA II is a robot for Interactive Body Assistance, which was itself an upgrade of Riken’s RI-MAN. New version of the robot can carry patients of up to 80kg (176 lbs), which is 19kg (41 lbs) more than the first RIBA could do. With the help new joint RIBA-II can bend. It can then transfer the patient to a wheelchair and also back again. Robot can also be told where to go through a simple touchscreen interface on its back. RIBA-II is 137cm tall, 82cm wide, and 103cm long, and weighs 230kg.

Each arm has 7 degrees of freedom, its neck has 3, its waist has 2, with 3 more through its omnidirectional base. Have to say that robot’s commercial model should be ready by 2015 with the price 6,000,000 JPY or $77,000 USD. For more information watch video bellow.