Helicopter by force of thought

Helicopter controlled by force of thoughts

Students from the American university of Minnesota developed a method of control over  small helicopter by force of thought — technology of transformation of electric impulses of a brain directly to operating signals, and as a result the helicopter by force of thought flied not much worse, than with traditional manual management.

In experiment participated five people each of which learned to operate successfully the helicopter without hands. For force of thought it was used an electroencephalograph. On it arrive impulses from 64 electrodes on the special hat, fixing electric activity of the head skin, connected with various zones of a brain.

Testers looked at the image from the camera installed on a helicopter, and for management of it imagined the right, left hand or both together that forced the device to turn to the right, on the left or to go down. Electrodes registered signals of a brain and transferred them on the helicopter on Wi-Fi. Speed of flight made 0,69 meters per second.

After several months of training students had to carry out a helicopter through rings from the balloons, suspended in a gym. There was estimated the number of attempts, collisions with rings and an exit for platform borders. Examinees successfully coped with tasks in 90,5% of cases. In check experiment the helicopter coped from the panel, and the result in this case was higher — it was possible to achieve total absence of a signal, so, the helicopter didn’t twitch in the parties when it was necessary to fly directly.


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