Most High Speed Sailing Boat

Recently conducted test drive of an unusual sailing boat, which claims to be the fastest sailing boat in the world. This is Vesta Sailrocket II. The boat was built in order to establish a new absolute speed record during the competition in Namibia, which are held annually and gathers the best teams in the world with their innovative sailing inventions.On the project and construction of this unusual boat of new generation designers and architects have worked about 15 months. At the moment, absolute current speed record belongs to the kitesurfer Rob Douglas, who set it in competition in Namibia in October last year. At a distance of 500 meters, Rob reached a speed of 55.65 knots become an absolute world record holder.

Captain and creator of this boat Paul Larsen decided to make a significant test-drive. So to everyone’s surprise, the captain of Vestas Sailrocket II were able to overclock their innovative sailing boat up to 54 knots (100 km / h).