Hitachi EMIEW 2

Hitachi has upgraded their office assistant robot. The adorable, metallic-haired Hitachi EMIEW 2 has been given permission to go on the internet.

When shown an object,Hitachi EMIEW 2 can take a snapshot with its camera and perform a quick online search for similar images to help it determine what the object is. With the help of new network of cameras positioned throughout the office space, EMIEW 2 can locate specific objects and guide people to them. Using speech recognition, you can ask for an object by name and it will automatically try to find one for you. In the following demonstration, the Hitachi EMIEW 2 recognizes a camera sight unseen and locates a pair of scissors squirreled away in a corner. In addition Hitachi EMIEW 2 now moves more smoothly through turns. This development builds on an upgrade from 2010, when the robot was given shock-absorbing legs for smoothly moving over bumps in the flor. Fore more information watch video below.