Huawei Foldable Smartphone VS Samsung Galaxy Foldable Smartphone

Huawei Foldable Smartphone VS Samsung Galaxy Foldable Smartphone

If you remember, we have written about foldable smartphone (Samsung Galaxy X), and now we have learnt that Huawei is also going to create foldable phone.

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So, if this temp continues, in 2020 foldable smartphone will be very actual.

Which one will release at first, Samsung or Huawei?

According to reports suggest that Huawei wants to get this phone out in “early 2019”. If it does, this could mean it’ll beat Samsung’s Galaxy which doesn’t have a release date as yet.

“Huawei’s planned volume could be limited to some 20,000 to 30,000 units, or even less, for a small group of first-wave adopters,” one-person familiar with Huawei’s plan said. “The effort is mainly to demonstrate its technology capability and to attract the industry’s attention and media coverage.”

Huawei will seemingly be using BOE, a Chinese display maker, for the foldable OLED panel.

“The Chinese company wants to be the first in the industry even if the display technology from its panel supplier might not be that ready like Samsung,” he said.

Let’s watch the video!

According to this video “BOE presents their latest flexible AMOLED display solutions for the future of smartphones that can be bent, folded, and rolled and even flap in the wind. BOE’s flexible displays is demonstrated for robots with touch control, smart loudspeakers, an S-shaped in-car flexible AMOLED display.  8K displays, micro displays, QLED displays and other IoT solutions such as their TFT based AMOLED fingerprint recognition system that works in any spot of the display area”

And also “BOE shows its cutting-edge technologies and products such as QLED, mini-LED displays, a number of new applications and products including curved in-car display instruments and BOE iGallery”.

So, in future, early 2020 it will be very actual to use foldable phones.

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