Hydrogen Powered Boat Creates Own Fuel from Water

The French company Quimperié has created a series of motor cruiser boat MIG 675, which operate on hydrogen fuel. The new MIG 675 cruiser boat will harvest its own hydrogen directly from the sea. Since it runs on hydrogen, it can use the ocean to power itself. The onboard generator will provide live hydrogen production, meaning that you won’t have to worry about unstable hydrogen tanks which might blow up in the rough seas. The only emissions of this boat are water vapor. The hydrogen generator will power all of the electrical devices, which include a GPS, a 10-inch touchscreen controller, and an electric anchor roller. The hydrogen will power a 500 horsepower  engine  that  is  reported  to  propel  the 22-foot-long, 2,866-pound   aluminum-hulled watercraft up to 70 mph.

The hydrogen generator will also power all onboard electrical devices, which includes an electric anchor roller, a 10-inch touchscreen controller, GPS, depth finder, rear-view camera, an Alpine audio system, a bar fridge with an electric retractable table, and an LED navigation lighting system. All devices are operated via touch controls. The price of this boat is estimated to be over $325,000.